Tinsiders’s Blog Review


When i heard the about the blog, http://tinsiders.blogspot.com, the first thing that came into my mind was that it was going to be a boring, all texts blog. But when i visited the blog and as i started to begin my first click into the newest post, that was the time when i knew that this blog was going to take a whole lot of my time because i literally couldn’t stop to keep on viewing the posts. The blog title which is Trend Insights (design.inspiration.innovation), it perfectly describes the objective of the blog itself clearly. The blog gives great information about the new technology, amazing and unbelievable architectures, products, entertainments, advertisements and human related actions.

What i love the most about the blog is the way the author delivers the information in each post. The author always keeps the posts fresh, bold and simple at the same time. It really gives the reader the benefit to get a lot of new information and new things to talk and think about at the same time and as a result, literally becoming hooked by it now 🙂

But, i think that the design of the blog needs more improvement to make it more eye catching, maybe putting more color will be a good idea? 


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