Resume : 30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012


The article written by Cynthia Bunting, titled 30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012 gives the probable upcoming insights for small business owners. The article compiles the trends, big ideas and predictions in the industry according to the small business owners’ nationwide perspectives. The dynamic changes in the business industry due to the development of technology and civilizations give a lot of new ways in doing business and also create new opportunities for the players in the industry, which in this article specializes in the small business industry.  


The compilation of the insights for small business owners started of with the implementation of gesture recognition technology which is the development of technology that enables people to communicate with the machine and interact naturally without any mechanical devices, using only there gestures or touch. This kind of development will be seen and use in people’s everyday life more in the future due to its practicality. Besides that, things related with online, personalized applications or software and mobile services will be the main attraction and very beneficial for the people. Such as:


  • Proximity based social networks

This type of social network enables individuals to connect with each people who have been or will gather at the same place at the same time. As an example of the use of proximity based social networks is Conga, which is structured around the notion of moment, with the collaboration with foursquare and twitter to help finding out about the user’s location history, Conga builds a record of where the user’s has been and who else has been there.

  • Strategic technology consulting

This type of services will be very desirable for businesses and governments because, it will help the implementation of technology to create more efficient and effective outcomes. The services will consist of activity such as, enterprise systems optimization, web strategy, security audits, hardware selection and etc.

  • Local and Mobile Search

This technology enables people to search for local things using mobile equipment. The implementation of this technology will surely be very helpful to minimize searching effort and optimize the quality. Efficiency and effectivity of the search will be easily reached out.

  • Social Media for Hiring

Social networks are used by companies to recruit both passive and active candidates in a personal yet professional way. They also use the social networks to market their companies and interact with the potential candidates. The company that actively use this approach is Ernst and Young.

  • Personalized business software

Personalized business software will not only enable to help optimize your back office by providing help for the accountant and such, but, it will also help to create values for the business and interact with the customers and suppliers.

  • The expense management of mobile apps

Mobile expense management is a process, assisted by the necessary and specialized software that an organization uses to manage costs of its mobile communication networks. This application can help the organization to anticipate trends and forecast future needs. Cloud computing and SaaA subscription will be a very challenging areas for many organizations in 2012.

  • Digital coupon books

Discount directories will be a very helpful place for the customers to search for price reduction or interesting promotions and it can also give influence towards the passive couponers to active couponers. This will create more active customers and increase customer retention as well.

  • Customized enterprise application stores

Smartphones will be a very popular and important gadget for people but the smartphones will be useless if there are no necessary applications and the more the smartphones are demanded the more applications they needed to provide. Therefore, by the existence of the application store, it does make the process easier.


Other factors such as increased franchising, outsourcing IT functions, business rollups, public/private partnership and disintegration of channel also being identified as the insight in 2012 small business industry. 


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