Say ‘yes’ for Creative Generalist





Steve Hardy established Creative Generalist in 2002. It is first started its online contribution through personal blog but now it has turned into community resource and forum, The main goal of Creative Generalist is to introduce broad thinkers with one another. The website provides place for people to deliver and share their ideas, news and perspectives about anything that come to their interest. Creative Generalist has the its own society called Society of Creative Generalist that can be joined by anyone who has the same aim and believe that he or she is a curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from wide mix of sources, the society will interact with each other through CG session worldwide.

Talking about creative generalist, in my own perspective I think that Leonardo da Vinci is the example of great creative generalist. He was a painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, botanist, writer and musician. The wide range of skills and capabilities that he embodied, due to his interests in a wide range of things has made him a very imaginative genius that was born in the perfect time and place because during the italian renaissance, the time where he lived, a lot of discovery and invention took place. Therefore, there are a lot of explorations and creations happened.

I think that Creative Generalist is a very good website that can help people get to know more about their surroundings and make sense of it all. As we all know that even though specialization is proven to be more valuable but without the talent of generalism, it will be hard for people to see the big picture in all of the information that come by. This website will also encourage people to be more respectful about the diversity all around them. But I think the visual layout of the website need to be developed more in terms of the practicality and attractiveness.


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