JWT Intelligence




JWT Intelligence is a marketing communications brand, it produced the first ever TV commercial in 1939 and has been developing award winning branded content ever since. The company focuses on identifying the dynamic changes in the global zeitgeist and then use the information to find out the opportunities for brands. JWT Intelligence clients includes great companies such as, Bayer, Nestle, Ford, Kraft, Macy’s, Nokia, Rolex and many more.

 I have found a lot of beneficial and interesting information from the website, I think that the company’s ability in finding out the latest trends and situations can help the other brands a lot. The great performance and capability of the company can be seen just by browsing through the website, we can found a lot of great researches or trend reports that give a lot of detail information based on facts and surveys. The website also provides updated marketing related articles in their home page that give me a lot of valuable knowledge and increase my likeness towards the website.

 I also stumble upon the anxiety index which I think really unique. The first time I set my eye on it, I quickly get interested to get to know more about it. The anxiety index gives marketers the advantage of finding better ways to connect with consumers looking for trust, credibility and answers. Because, navigating consumers’ anxieties is not about exploiting fear. As a matter of fact, there are tens of millions of consumers seeking guidance and assurance therefore; marketers need to understand the bigger picture through the anxiety index that is why it matters. The website provide anxiety researches in a lot of different countries such as, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom and many more. I highly recommend this website to others, because I personally love it !


Top Rank is 100% on Top



I really like the blog because it fits my passion, which is in marketing. The blog gives a lot of beneficially updated marketing information by people who are also into marketing.Most of the posts are being write so simple yet meaningful. The simplicity of the deliverance of the information does not give confusion but instead it helps me to think more structured. The words that most of the posts uses are also easy to be understand. As I look deeper into the content of the blog, I found another great thing, the blog provides categorization that makes the reader easier to browse through the posts. It seems like reading a free marketing online magazine. NICE! 🙂


I think the blog is being done very well and I do not have something negative to say about it, but then to attract more people, I think that it is not a bad idea to be more creative on the web design. I actually like the practicality of the design but it needs more unique look because the design is too common. The valuable information that the blogs offered is certainly cannot be missed out by all of the marketers.

C R E A T I V E . O P E R A




Creative opera gives a very beneficial service for people who loves to design because it gives navigation service for them to search for design blogs online. But, the design blogs that the people are going to find when using the navigation services are only the ones that the author has chosen as her favorites.Currently, there are about over 80 blogs offered. The blogs in the website are categorized to make it easier for people to search. When you first entered the blog you will see helpful information about the website and the blogs inside it directly. In the left area of the website, the author gives directory such as, design finds, design resumes, design myths and design blogs. The website are very practical and attractive. The use of many visual displays in the website grabs my attention a lot and I love it.

I think that the website is excellent, as I browse through the blogs I find a lot of interesting design blogs. Even though that most of the blogs that I have read are posting about professional design materials that I do not quite understand, but some of the blogs are also posting about general or basic design materials and creative ideas that are more understandable for me and also interesting things to be read too. Then I think good news for the designers because this website can give a lot of advantages for them.

Cre(A+)tive Something



I really enjoy reading www.creativesomething.net, in my point of view, I think that the author has a really good writing skills and the deliverance of the knowledge that he has, are very interesting. When I first open the page, I do not expect much, but then when I started to read the latest post and then continued to the previous one and so on, I really enjoying it. The writings are verysimple and easy to understand but in the same time, they are also very meaningful.

The way he explains creativity and innovation are well put out. He uses real life experience and examples that easily relates with the readers. Therefore, it gives the reader higher level of understanding. Besides that, he also chooses great quotations and links that give the reader the opportunity to dig deeper and get to know more.

I really agree with the way he points out to nurture creative thinking, because sometimes people could get pessimistic towards their own capability to be creative because they think that they are not born to be creative and such, and I think thatit is 100% wrong. All of us are born with creativity planted on our soul; the only thing that we need to do is empowering it. Creativity can be implemented in so many different ways. Some people implement their creativity into paintings, but some into music. Not only that, creativity can also be implemented in business too, in the managerial system. Because there are no limits when we talk about creativity.