Cre(A+)tive Something



I really enjoy reading, in my point of view, I think that the author has a really good writing skills and the deliverance of the knowledge that he has, are very interesting. When I first open the page, I do not expect much, but then when I started to read the latest post and then continued to the previous one and so on, I really enjoying it. The writings are verysimple and easy to understand but in the same time, they are also very meaningful.

The way he explains creativity and innovation are well put out. He uses real life experience and examples that easily relates with the readers. Therefore, it gives the reader higher level of understanding. Besides that, he also chooses great quotations and links that give the reader the opportunity to dig deeper and get to know more.

I really agree with the way he points out to nurture creative thinking, because sometimes people could get pessimistic towards their own capability to be creative because they think that they are not born to be creative and such, and I think thatit is 100% wrong. All of us are born with creativity planted on our soul; the only thing that we need to do is empowering it. Creativity can be implemented in so many different ways. Some people implement their creativity into paintings, but some into music. Not only that, creativity can also be implemented in business too, in the managerial system. Because there are no limits when we talk about creativity.


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