C R E A T I V E . O P E R A




Creative opera gives a very beneficial service for people who loves to design because it gives navigation service for them to search for design blogs online. But, the design blogs that the people are going to find when using the navigation services are only the ones that the author has chosen as her favorites.Currently, there are about over 80 blogs offered. The blogs in the website are categorized to make it easier for people to search. When you first entered the blog you will see helpful information about the website and the blogs inside it directly. In the left area of the website, the author gives directory such as, design finds, design resumes, design myths and design blogs. The website are very practical and attractive. The use of many visual displays in the website grabs my attention a lot and I love it.

I think that the website is excellent, as I browse through the blogs I find a lot of interesting design blogs. Even though that most of the blogs that I have read are posting about professional design materials that I do not quite understand, but some of the blogs are also posting about general or basic design materials and creative ideas that are more understandable for me and also interesting things to be read too. Then I think good news for the designers because this website can give a lot of advantages for them.


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