JWT Intelligence




JWT Intelligence is a marketing communications brand, it produced the first ever TV commercial in 1939 and has been developing award winning branded content ever since. The company focuses on identifying the dynamic changes in the global zeitgeist and then use the information to find out the opportunities for brands. JWT Intelligence clients includes great companies such as, Bayer, Nestle, Ford, Kraft, Macy’s, Nokia, Rolex and many more.

 I have found a lot of beneficial and interesting information from the website, I think that the company’s ability in finding out the latest trends and situations can help the other brands a lot. The great performance and capability of the company can be seen just by browsing through the website, we can found a lot of great researches or trend reports that give a lot of detail information based on facts and surveys. The website also provides updated marketing related articles in their home page that give me a lot of valuable knowledge and increase my likeness towards the website.

 I also stumble upon the anxiety index which I think really unique. The first time I set my eye on it, I quickly get interested to get to know more about it. The anxiety index gives marketers the advantage of finding better ways to connect with consumers looking for trust, credibility and answers. Because, navigating consumers’ anxieties is not about exploiting fear. As a matter of fact, there are tens of millions of consumers seeking guidance and assurance therefore; marketers need to understand the bigger picture through the anxiety index that is why it matters. The website provide anxiety researches in a lot of different countries such as, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom and many more. I highly recommend this website to others, because I personally love it !


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