Brightspot Market 2013



Brightspot Market was established in 2009. The objective of the event is to present young, independent fashion and product designers along side unique retailers and international streewear brands. This event has been continually been held every year from 2009. From just about 5000 visitors that came to the event in 2009, in 2012 the visitors has increased a lot to 57000. The popularity of the event has created some kind of cultural phenomenon.

I went to the Brightspot Market 2013 that was being held in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall on the 14th – 17th of February 2013. There were an estimated of more than 100 brands that participated in the event. Brands that were participating were, Cottonink, Milcah, Aksara, Gudily, LOUSHKII, ToiMoi, Petite Cupcakes and many more.



I like going to the event, because I can get a lot of cool things all in one place. From clothes, shoes, accessories to bags, they are all presented in the event. The qualities of the things that are being sold are also great. The atmosphere of the event is simple but quiet engaging at the same time. But, I think that the place should be bigger because the visitors are a lot and when the place is too crowded it is hard to shop and become uncomfortable.



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