Indonesia Fashion Week 2013



Indonesia Fashion Week was being held in Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) on the 14th of February 2013. The event combines fashion shows and trade shows with the objective to develop the growth of local fashion industry. Not only presenting fashion shows from a lot of  local designers, the event also gives a complete fashion exhibition. The fashion exhibition includes woman’s wear, men’s wear and kids wear, accessories and textile, seminars and competition.

In one day, there are an estimated of 30 designers that showcased their fashion collection. Designers ranging from seniors to new or semi prime are gathered in the event. The fashion shows started with the collection such as, Stylopedia, Malolo a Journey to Mandar (Ivan Gunawan), Downy Presents Fashion to Attraction (Auguste Soesastro), Pantene Presents Beauty Discovery (Jeanny Ang) and BNI Presents Renown Culture (Denny Irawan, Rudy Chandra, Sofie, and Melinda Looi).

When I went to the event, I really enjoyed the atmosphere there. Even though the event was very crowded but there were a lot of interesting activities. The existence of an estimated about 500 local brands in the exhibition is also one of my favorite part because I can get a lot new knowledge towards the fashion industry in Indonesia and also at the same time being proud towards Indonesia’s products.



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